Wednesday, 4 April 2012

3 Easy Guidelines to Choosing a Web site Name

It's remarkable how so many individuals get the fundamentals wrong in Search engine optimization. People get too distracted in my view looking to get a head start using methods like blog networks, as well as other link building methods that they truly forget about the important part of picking the proper keywords and most importantly obtaining the right domain name. You are able to use software program such as Tweet Adder to market your website following discovering the right keyword with high search volume and relatively low competitors, but obtaining a good web site name must then follow from this study. Listed here are several things you shouldn’t do when choosing a web site name.

1. Do not choose a name longer than 15 characters - long names do not do as well in search engines like Google. Regardless, most keywords shouldn’t be overly lengthy so you should endeavor to keep your name as brief as possible so individuals can remember it and do not require any reminders.

2. Choose a title related to your key phrase - It may not always be possible but it is great to purchase a domain address which is related to your keyword. It shouldn’t always be a precise match domain but make sure that when Google’s crawlers come across your site they see the relevancy of your web site towards the keyword in your website’s title.

3. Do not use hyphens - It might appear to be a good idea to separate you site name into hyphens but in Search engine optimization terms, this really is a definite no-no. Search engines like google can detect person words in a site name with out you including dashes.

Keep to these three simple guidelines in mind when setting up your web site name and you'll certainly be on the correct path to moving up within the Google rankings, using the help of Tweet Adder.

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