Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Other News - “Weather Payback” Blamed For Recent Job Stats

The disappointing March employment figures in the United states have been associated with some thing known as the “weather payback.” It certainly is an odd phrase but it pertains to the reality that this year, winter was unseasonably moderate and numerous employers didn’t lay off employees when they normally would because of the warmer temperature.

In fact, based on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it's been the fourth hottest winter season since they began recording way back within the Nineteenth century.

The “payback” part relates towards the fact that throughout March and April, conditions have gone back to what they should be this time of the year and unemployment stats have revealed that even though the rate has been decreased to 8.2%, the amount of workers becoming employed has dropped to 120,000 positions.

This implies companies are holding back from employing people, and ready to sack a lot more people as the weather becomes much more in step with seasonal norms. It suggests then that the positive work statistics from the start of the year were a bit skewed and also the forecasted recovery within the US is much less strong than expected so far.

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