Thursday, 5 April 2012

Other News Why loud snoring becomes a problem for some when you grow older

There are lots of reasons why we snore, and why many people will need a snoring mouthpiece at some time. In some instances it could be down to our way of life, operating lengthy shifts, drinking too much, becoming overweight or perhaps due to some allergies. Additionally, it could also be because of structural features inside your throat and neck. I've listed a few of the features which can cause heavy snoring below:

Bigger tongue - Air flow has to brush past triggering snoring whilst lying down.
Big Adenoids - Can be a trigger of snoring in kids
Little Nasal Passage - You will find remedies to help clear these passages.
Narrow Jaw - A snoring mouthpiece can help with this.
Big tonsils -Similar to adenoids.
Deviated septum - (this can be taken care of by surgical treatment)

All of those craniofacial problems are however much more likely to increase as you get older. You might haven't snored when you were more youthful but as your body gets to the later stages of its life, parts of your muscles have a tendency to relax and soften.

Thus this means that in the event you have one of the above problems, it is more likely as you get older that this will cause snoring to happen or actually worsen in the event you already suffered with it. You can consult a local physician or sleep specialist in the event you believe it is becoming a big issue, and there are many solutions to try such as a snoring mouthpiece which might help to fix the issue.

Also remember that snoring could be a sign of a more severe condition known as sleep apnea, and in the event you have any concerns that you are feeling a lot more tired and feel which you haven’t had a great night’s sleep despite believing you have slept for the full 8 hours, ask your physician to get a sleep test to determine if you have had any apneic episodes.

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