Tuesday, 10 April 2012

5 Layout Models That are Becoming Utilized This Year

I am a large believer of simplicity in web design. Part of the reason for this is because I have expertise in web advertising also. The whole concept of advertising online would be to inspire the visitor to your site to take an action of some kind, or a call to action. The more complicated the style of a website is, the more complex it will be to tell a person what to do next once landing on the website. An excessive amount of info, color and extravagant graphics, brings about too much confusion, and if you are to be the very best web designer possible, you need to grab this fundamental concept of marketing. It is because of this why in 2012, design has gravitated towards simplicity underlined in the five style I have highlighted below.

1. User focus - Look at other websites for inspiration but the key priority has to been on making certain that the user or visitor gets the information he/she wants. I will speak about navigation in a minute, but you need to put down a layout in the beginning on the homepage which can easily separate subject matter and enable a reader browsing the website to get towards the specific page he/she needs.

2. Slogans and ribbons - These can truly work simply because visitors on your site will probably be interested in them and may easily use them to find the info on various subjects. They're big and brash and stand out

3. From a navigation standpoint, once they've clicked on ribbon let say, you need to make it easy for them to navigate to other parts to your site as soon as they are off your primary page. A neat, subtle and straightforward menu system is vital

4. Style more than substance - As I said in my introduction, a lot of text and different options can lead to the visitor becoming puzzled. Direct your guests to the part of the web site they require. Successfully hold their hand and tell them what to do next.

5. Color minimalism - Do not overawe your guests with too many colors or graphics. Keep it to two or 3 colors at the most and try to make sure that simplicity is in the heart of every thing you do. Presentation can truly make a large distinction for advertising a web site, and the greatest website designer will know this.

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