Wednesday, 11 April 2012

CISPA Supporters Defend Bill Against Attack

The advocates of a new online protection bill in congress have defended it against criticism that it might be the next SOPA. SOPA was the bill that got the internet community up in arms regarding the nature of copyright law on the web. One of the authors of the CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), Representative for Michigan Mike Rogers said:

“They are so completely different. I think it’s extremely important we deal with the issue of SOPA. Clearly, there is no censorship or shutting any website down. The government doesn’t have any authority in this bill to do anything like this.”

There is anxiety however among a few on the web that the wording and terminology of the CISPA was way too extensive and there has already been some complaints of it in some areas. Rogers nevertheless feel that the two bills are completely unique and is like comparing “Apples and Oranges.”

The CISPA isn't related to file sharing of music or video but instead the intellectual property rights of engineering components. Corporate piracy and theft is a big factor of online crime and American companies are losing lots of money from such cyber theft.

This law is a lot more securely centered on internet security and means to help protect business and IP owners from dangers on the net. It's designed to help both private companies and also the government share information on the newest internet dangers and help form protection against attack. It currently has support from many organizations like Microsoft and Facebook, as well as quite a few congressmen that the SOPA legislation never really had. The bill has currently passed the committee level and is due to have a vote in the House of Representatives inside the following 30 days or so.

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