Friday, 6 April 2012

How a free lance web designer ought to promote themselves

I'm going to get this out the way first because I want you to know that as a website builder, you've to become realistic. There are so many freelance internet designers available on line; it can be extremely hard to stand out. You may be overjoyed with the fact you are working for yourself and may pick and select the jobs you take on, but you will find out soon enough that you will have to battle for acknowledgement.

So how ought to a website builder go about promoting himself?

Firstly, I usually advise individuals to make sure you've great connections. Socializing with like minded people on forums and social media will certainly find you some great leads to discover clients and companies wanting you to work on their site. Once you've a few leads, take it to the next level and ask for them to refer you on to others once you have completed work on their internet site. Do not do this second part nevertheless until you've succeeded in making a presentable look and image to impress potential clients.

Self Promotion

Set up a web site together with your personal contact information such as email address and extremely importantly social network profiles. You will be surprised how many individuals will get in touch with you informally initially prior to you start out on a project. In the event you can afford to make sure the presentation of the website reflects your style as a internet designer and also place a face to the name by adding a picture of your self.

The following step is then to develop a portfolio of your work. This really is where many people really get it wrong. They think that showing all of their ideas off is the greatest way to go but marketers and companies are more tightly focused than that. They are not searching necessarily just as cosmetic styling, functionality is important. Show your versatility in setting up websites for different niches.

Here demonstrate that you know what you are talking about, and inform them why your web design compliments the marketplace. Case research are crucial for this and get testimonials if you can to say how successful a website has been because your redesign. Off course starting out as a free-lance web designer, you may not have that many case studies under your belt but you can nonetheless illustrate your knowledge of which internet design befits which kind of website.

In summary, as a website builder, don't claim to do more than you are capable of, but make sure you display your skills to the full and let as many individuals know about it as you possibly can.

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