Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Brand name Reputation and Modern-day Search engine marketing

Up until lately, it was commonly believed that Google appreciates brands when rating sites for particular key phrases. This has become less and less of a certainty nevertheless, especially after Bryson Meunier used Coca Cola as an example during his speech at the SMX West 2012 conference. Seo, which you use Senuke to assist you with, is altering quicker than ever however it appears as though you will find still some avenues for web marketers to go down.

Meunier, who writes in his web blog about it discusses “highly relevant non-brand key phrases.” What he means by that in way of illustration is the reality that “cola” and “soda” are extremely relevant for a business like Coca Cola, but they're not brand associated. The reality is that although Coca Cola ranks on page one for both of these search terms, it is not top of the list, and for “cola” it's even beneath the fold.

Coca Cola’s website has great domain authority according Open Site Explorer, and clearly high brand name reputation, but despite this, it doesn’t get visitors from these search terms. The debate about whether searching for drinks on-line is actually a marketable search phrase anyway, perhaps an issue to raise, but it shows that even a huge brand within the actual world doesn’t automatically get ranked well in the online globe on Google for important words and phrases which are extremely closely connected with it.

It indicates for internet marketers that they shouldn’t always be wary of brands when entering a niche market. For sure, there may perhaps be big companies inside your niche but they may not rank for all the vital keyphrases which can be monetized.

Obviously, usually look to avoid highly competitive search phrases but it is great to understand, at least in Seo, where you are able to be assisted by Senuke, it is still feasible to outrank huge brands for related keywords in the event you have the proper Seo method.

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