Thursday, 15 March 2012

Other News - Fresh Obstructive Sleep Apnea Surgical treatment from a Texas Physician

Sleep apnea may be a tough condition to deal with and there are lots of various options such as a sleep apnea machine, which uses continuous positive airway pressure to open up the throat, while a sleep apnea mouthpiece pushes the mandible forward to alleviate the patient from airway blockage.

Within the most extreme instances exactly where a sleep apnea machine isn’t enough, surgery maybe needed and it can be a laborious process to open up the airway either through the realignment of the nasal passage or through any removing of a throat blockage.

A surgeon from Houston, Texas has come up with a new style osa surgical procedure. Dr Ron Karni who works at the Texan Medical Center, is employing a 3D monitor along with a remote control to move a little robot to reach out and remove the obstruction using the robotic device’s camera and arms.

The normal surgery is really a lot more imprecise than this new method because surgeons have to cut open a portion of the throat and cannot see a great deal of what is going on within. The device, with the 3D camera, enables the doctor to eliminate the obstruction a lot more accurately than ever before, meaning a sleep apnea machine will not be required in future. All in all, the surgery takes barely an hour, has a relatively brief time to recover from and likened to having tonsils taken out.

With this surgery looking like a really promising solution for obstructive sleep apnea sufferers, Karni has truly made the best use of the newest technology accessible to him, and it ought to help many who've had to experience some difficult nights of sleep because of the issues that arise from the condition.

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