Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New iPad provides more headaches for internet developers

The iPad three, it has been declared, will have a retina display screen making for far more crisper and high resolution pictures than before. The one problem for web designers is that this will result in a clamor for maximum resolution, high quality images on websites targeting the mobile device, tablet and smart phone markets. A website builder, using HTML5 and not Mobile Flash, might be a good answer but there are many other aspects to consider for web designers.

To begin with, top image resolutions will without doubt mean higher loading periods. Bearing in mind 4G networks are not quite in position yet, this means that 3G networks might, for the time being at least, need to handle websites utilizing images and web sites with increased resolution and pixels than ever before as internet designers try to enhance the display of their website to match the iPad’s new retina display. Internet strategist Brad Frost said to Net Magazine:

“The user on the bus can be on slow Wi-Fi or 3G and might just need to get the damn assets downloaded. They shouldn't be punished with downloading a massive Retina-ready image. We need a way to properly address this."

This is certainly the big dilemma for internet designers, or even people utilizing a HTML5 website builder: is presentation or loading times more significant? For sure, there will probably be many web designers in the subsequent couple of months or so looking to rectify the large problems this may bring about.

From my perspective, even though web presentation is extremely essential, and would specifically be a goal for iPad 3 users with a retina display, there's no point getting a mobile device friendly site if nobody can connect to it due to the slow downloading speeds brought on by the high res graphics.

Talk continues to be about optimizing Scalable Vector Graphics to help with this problem, and hopefully web designers, and those using a website builder, will not need to worry too much in the future about how quick their internet web site loads, and may look more towards optimizing their web site for the best web presentation possible on retina displays.

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