Friday, 30 March 2012

Some web site analysis tools which I employ to evaluate my website performance

Critical to any internet designer who owns a website are software program tools which can help you assess your website’s performance. It's very essential to understand if there are high bounce rates from the homepage, or perhaps a specific page isn't being navigated to and for this cause the best website builder ought to certainly appear to use the software listed beneath:

Google Analytics - An obvious option, but it is such a simple way of integrating visitor data into your web site, I feel I had to speak about it. It is definitely a must have tool for all the best website builder and it's easy to integrate inside a content management system, especially Wordpress which possesses a straightforward plugin to install Google’s application. Nonetheless, regardless of its easy integration, the interface can be fairly confusing and the new changes have actually made the situation worse rather than better. It's however a extremely in depth tool with data for everything you would have to examine your web site.

Alexa - An additional method to analyze your website is with the Alexa ranking site. They rank each website on the net, making use of a number of different indicators like visitors, links and key phrases. For showing who comes for your website Alexa may be very useful and shows place, gender, age and education level of your website visitors.

On Site Explorer - An additional fantastic website tool simply because it can assist immeasurably with Search engine optimization. Type in your website into their search engine and they will evaluate your “domain authority,” a score out of 100 to indicate your site’s authority inside its niche. It can also analyze “page authority” exhibiting what pages on your site rank extremely and how many back links are directed at your web site. Furthermore you are able to check out your competitor websites to find out how they rank in comparison to you, giving you a yard stick for progress. Think about these tools and make yourself in to the best website builder you can.

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