Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Simple process of transferring hosting companies

I not too long ago transferred my hosting from one internet host to Bluehost, following reading through a Bluehost review. The mixture of the reduced price of just $3.95 per month and the great technical support was enough to encourage me to change accounts, even though I should say I was slightly hesitant about the change process simply because I hadn’t modified my host after establishing a site before.

I was pleasantly surprised however at how clear-cut it actually was. First of all I went to Bluehost, following reading a Bluehost review, and checked out their offer. Everything appeared to be in order with the internet hosting plan and I also heard great things regarding how they focus on assisting small companies with their web sites.

I then bought their web hosting with a couple of simple mouse clicks. I pressed on the “existing domain” option and identified the website I wanted to transfer to them. I then included my bank card information so the web hosting plan was started.

Inside a matter of moments, I was emailed with instructions of how to finish the process of changing accounts. They provided a written FAQ section, a video tutorial and also the choice of contacting them by e-mail or via live web chat. The basic instruction was to alter the name servers for the said site to face towards Bluehost.

I executed this task through my previous internet hosting account, and I was good to go establishing my website. Within hours I had access to setup a brand new Wordpress blog I wanted to set up on the domain. Following logging in on the cPanel, I clicked on their script library and had Wordpress all set to go within moments. I am thankful of the Bluehost review I had read for suggesting this internet hosting business. I have so far not encountered any problems and I am delighted with the technical support.

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