Monday, 19 March 2012

A Tendency in Web site Style You should Not Follow

Of the oddest elements of site design, and using a website builder I've found over the years is the propensity for internet developers to all follow exactly the same designs of techniques for a short period of time. Like fashion in clothing, it appears internet designers get caught up in the same way by adhering towards the same style, and the effects of this, is the fact that all websites have a tendency to start appearing exactly the same.

A website builder offers you a range of options to look at so you don’t get trapped on exactly the same style. Obviously, if you're a web designer working for a customer, a client maybe uncertain about going with a web site which is not in tandem with the newest style designs, and of course, you need to take these things into consideration.

There's no need to throw all “trendy” design suggestions out of the window like zig-zag borders, ribbons, hand made styled textures or stitching, but it is essential to not be a slave to them as well. Every different web site will require something different and if you unquestionably follow recommendations set by these fashions, what you're going to end up with is identikit sites which look each dull and unattractive. When using a website builder, or when designing your self, the ability to think on your personal terms, and questioning the nature of the website you're developing is vital.

For this end, the very first question you must ask your self is what's the site’s purpose? Are you currently utilizing a website builder to make a website for business, leisure or academia? Some present design styles perhaps related to certainly one of these three kinds of web site, but not for every one of them

When making the initial outline of the website are you returning to a default setup? If that's the case, ensure to stop yourself and take the first question into consideration and readjust for a more suitable design. Does a business web site really need textures which look hand produced or perhaps a stitching motif in any shape or form?

What I'm attempting to get at is you need to be your own man/woman and not be overly concerned with conforming. For sure, keep in accordance with some trends if you think they would help the site because of its subject matter, but it is essential to keep in mind not to enforce a design making use of a website builder, just because it's popular, but because it's the most appropriate.

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